Tuesday, 6 October 2009


I've been looking at stories within lyrics and bands from years back to influence me into making concept art for a heavy metal band. The local band I'm currently talking to (Nocturnal Resurrection) have asked me to design some imagery based on their "Dr Butcher" Story. They want to see torture and images of possible victims, almost fantasy like.
This is perfect for my style since I like artists such as Clive Barker who designed and directed 'Hellraiser' the 1980's horror film, so elements of his work may show through.
I thought 'War of the Worlds' was a good subject to look into briefly, because of it being a musical and having so many different ranges of concept art for book covers, films e.t.c
Also the rock band 'Kiss' who have concept art in comic books, album covers, merchand
ise. Their stage image and character's are so eye-catching.
It is unique and I like that!

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